Wednesday, February 14, 2007

Art Show At The Dog Show/Blizzard

For the past few days, I have been preparing for The Art Show At The Dog Show, which is a huge show for my art career. My work must be in Kansas by February 23rd, at the absolute latest for judging purposes. At the time of my acceptance, my work was unframed and I needed to have my pieces framed and shipped within the next week. My husband decided to help me frame my work myself, since it was economical and we could probably work faster than the local frame shops.

Last night, we finally finished framing. We did a good job, in my opinion. I've posted the framed pieces above. The pictures aren't the greatest, but they give you a general idea.

After framing, I was faced with a new obstacle... shipping. Normally, this wouldn't be a problem. In fact, the UPS Store is practically in my back yard. I can walk through a path in my yard and I am there. Except... I woke to a blizzard...

A blizzard! It's not that bad by CNY standards. In fact, we are supposed to get 1-2 more feet of snow today. The snow is so deep in my yard that I can't walk through it with my artwork. My husband offered to drive me around the corner to the UPS before he left for work (we share a car). So, we bundled up and drove around the corner. The store was closed. Apparently, the employees thought there is too much snow and decided not to come to work.

So, I am going to head back to UPS via car this evening. Hopefully, the roads will be clear enough for travel. My brave husband actually went to work today, even though blizzard conditions are being forcasted. He actually likes the snow. I, on the other hand, will be shaking with worry in our home, hoping that my work will make it to Kansas for the show. I'm sure I will be fine, but I am one of those people who does everything early. I hate being late and am a bit of a control freak. Perhaps, my lesson on this earth is patience. This situation is a fine test.