Thursday, August 16, 2007

NY State Wildlife Art Competition Results

Well, I finally received my results from the NY State Wildlife Art Competition. My swan drawing was accepted! Yeay!!!!!

Accepted artwork is due next week, so I am scrambling to frame my drawing and get it ready for shipment. I picked out a mat and frame last night and am pleased with the results. The frame shop had a 50 percent off sale, so I got a great deal on the frame itself.

Hopefully, I will be able to ship the artwork this afternoon and then my work is in the hands of the people. The NY State Fair-goers vote on the artwork to receive prizes. There are cash rewards for the first, second, and third place entries.

If you are planning on attending the NY State Fair, I encourage you to vote for your favorite piece. The Wildlife Art exhibit will be on display in the Horticulture Building in a glass exhibit area. The show features wildlife paintings, drawings, and sculpture.