Wednesday, March 11, 2009


The portrait above is a very special drawing. This lovely chocolate lab is Truffle, who belongs to my friends, Mike & Kira. I've known Truffle since she was an adolescent and she quickly became my golden retriever's doggy girlfriend. Sunny and Truffle loved to saunter together on walks. They were gentle friends.

A few months ago, I snapped some reference pictures of Truffle (and Belle, her black lab companion) while I was visiting Mike & Kira. Truffle has this favorite spot on the brown leather recliner. It's just the right spot in the sun & she looks like she is in absolute heaven when she's napping in this natural spotlight. I found my favorite picture and drew the portrait above from the reference photo.

Truffle's portrait is 11 x 14" and drawn in soft pastels on smooth, white vellum paper.

Tuesday, March 03, 2009

Introducing... Hershey (and other new news)!

Wow, it's been a while since I've posted artwork or random musings on my blog. In the time that I've been away, life has sort of completed a 180 degree turn. A month ago, all was quiet on the art front. I was a bit unsure of which direction to follow in my downtime. I was offered a fantastic job at MoCo Arts in Keene, NH. MoCo is a performing and visual arts company that holds fun & inspiring classes. I am a Front Desk person part-time and absolutely love my day job.

I am still working on portraits and giftware. It is my passion and is not going anywhere. I will be printing a new design for spring in the coming weeks. My bunny portrait will appear on cards and magnets. It's the perfect time, with Easter on it's way!

Also... we have a new addition to our family. We adopted a 22 month old chocolate lab named Hershey! Hershey found us through a co-worker of my father's who was fostering him. He is absolutely sweet and gets along perfectly with Sasha. We are still working on introducing him to the cat slowly. He's absolutely polite and ignores her when we are holding her. However, once she is loose, he is very interested in placing the chase game. We've read up on how to introduce a new dog to the family cat and are taking our introduction slow and with patience. Molly, in the meantime, is enjoying her vacation on the top floor of the house and is spoiled with extra kisses and love.

I've posted some pictures of Hershey above. There will be more posted in the future (and of course lots of portraits)! Hershey is my first labrador retriever and I am loving every bit of his personality!

: )