Tuesday, July 29, 2008


The piece above is my latest pastel, titled "Froggy". The inspiration for this drawing came from Fireside Gardens in Langdon, NH. I was exploring Nancy's garden about a month ago, and zoomed in on a bullfrog in her pond. He didn't move while I snapped several photos of him from different angles. I think it's amazing how frogs are so patient with me when I photograph them. I'm able to get some great reference shots.

The piece is drawn in soft pastels on smooth, white vellum. "Froggy" is 8 x 10" in size.

Monday, July 28, 2008

Jaffrey Riverfest!

Saturday was an amazing day! I was a vendor at Jaffrey Riverfest in Jaffrey, NH. Riverfest is a town celebration, featuring artisans, historical town tours, an art rescue, hot air balloon rides, good food, and musical performances. Above, I've included some pictures of my booth at the event.

All in all, it was a successful day! I sold many of my giftware products, which was fantastic. Given the state of the economy, I was unsure if it would be a lucrative day. It was interesting to see which images were popular and to get feedback in person from my fellow townsfolk.

I also brought Sasha and my family along for the day. Sasha proved to be the perfect mascot. Many people stopped by just to get a look at her up close. She's blowing her coat right now, so she really is quite a sight. She has these cotton ball wisps of hair that fall off of her like dust bunnies.

I want to thank Tom and my family members for keeping me company in the booth. Also, thank you to everyone who stopped by the booth to view my work. You made the day a success!

Friday, July 18, 2008

Cheshire Medical Center Art Exhibit

I just hung my work at the Cheshire Medical Center in Keene, NH for a solo exhibition. My pastels are on display on the 5th floor of the hospital (the Farnum Rehabilitation Floor) until September 11th. I'm really proud of this exhibit, since it will be viewed not only by visitors, but patients who are in the healing process. I included pieces that I created during my own period of healing to spread some positive, hopeful energy.

If you're in the area, feel free to stop by and view the artwork in person!

Sunday, July 13, 2008

Lakeside Buddy

The portrait above is of a special golden named Buddy. I call him Bud and sometimes "Big Guy". He's also known as Buddha Bud, because he has gigantic ears like the Buddha. I swear that if you rub his ears, he'll warm your soul and your face with a series of kisses.

Mr. Bud is reclining next to Dublin Lake in this picture. He wasn't actually there, but I wanted to draw a summery golden retriever portrait. I combined reference from my own landscape photos and some reference photos of Buddy. Then, I tried to create a serene rendition in pastels. The result is the portrait above.

"Lakeside Buddy" is 8x10" in size. It is drawn in soft pastels on smooth, white vellum.