Thursday, November 09, 2006

My Computer Hates Me

Some of you reading this may have received a weird email from me saying that Golden Illustrations will be closed next week and urging you to buy a pet portrait. This is so embarrassing.... I drafted that message as a response to any business emails that come through while I am on vacation.

Unfortunately, the auto-response was set wrong and it sent this message as a response to any email that has come through my business account. This includes emails to business centers, clients, friends, and fellow illustrators. As a result, businesses and emails have sent me emails saying things such as "What is this?" and "I didn't send you an email recently."

So in response to this very un-funny matter, I am sending sincere apologies to all affected. This is embarrassing and I wish you could punish a computer for behaving badly.

Tuesday, November 07, 2006

I Feel Like Santa Claus!

It's been quite a few days since I posted something, so I figured I would keep the writing juices flowing with an update. It's that time of year that leaves me feeling warm and fuzzy - the season of giving. I love the holidays. Especially since I started my business. Drawing portraits as gifts makes me feel like Santa Claus. Not that I have an ego problem. Perhaps I should rephrase that and say that I feel like an elf. I work daily in my holiday workshop and create brightly-colored pieces of art for all of the good men and women out there. I know they've been nice when a client wants to give such a meaningful gift, rather than say.... a tie or socks.

To summarize my progress, several pieces are in the workshop currently. However, you can't see them. They are holiday gifts and will remain a secret until their recipient opens them and approves that they be shown to the masses. I am expecting that the website will have quite a few new pieces up after the holidays. Ah, that makes me feel giddy and happy inside. I like new things.

I know that people like visuals, so I will upload a picture that is not completely new to this entry. It keeps things visually interesting. The picture above was on my flyer in the previous post. Yawn.... I know. However, you don't know the cool story behind it.

I took this picture of my cat, Molly, hunting through my sheer curtains on a well-lit day. The light seemed to veil her beautifully and there is something stunning about a cat's focus on prey. This drawing was sort of an experiment to see if I could draw sheer curtains with a scene behind them. It worked. It's one of my favorite pieces. So much so, that I entered it in the Artist's Magazine All Media competition yesterday. The winners are published in the Artist's Magazine and receive cash, art books, and a subscription to the magazine. I used to receive the Artist's Magazine in college. One of my professors (Murray Tinkelman) was featured in it.

So... Enjoy the visual above and have a happy Thanksgiving. When you're in the crowded mall, looking at the endless lines, consider buying a pet portrait for your loved ones. It is painless to purchase and your relatives will love it more than socks or a tie. Even if they were made by a fancy designer. Hohoho!!!

Friday, November 03, 2006

Holiday Portraits!!!

One of my latest projects involves promotion. I dream of a day that I can relax and draw all day with commissions sending themselves to me. I could enjoy a cold drink by the pool, be rich and famous, and life would be so simple.... Ah....

Unfortunately, I live in reality, where commissions come around holidays, birthdays, or after mailings. I sometimes worry about sending mailings to businesses and my friends, because I am soliciting. Sort of. But... I have to eat, buy shoes, and survive. So, the friends will be bombarded every so often with flyers and updates. Ha!

The flyer above was designed with the holidays in mind. I know that a Golden Illustrations portrait makes an awesome gift. I give them to friends and family every year. They never disappoint. The holiday gift commissions that have come through have been extremely positive experiences. Like a whining child, I want more!!! I love to make people happy and pictures of family and pets touch a person's heart in a way that a video or photo cannot. If you are interested in commissioning a portrait, please contact me. We can work out a nice deal for the holidays... And your relatives and friends will love you even more!

Thursday, November 02, 2006

Drawing Dogs Can Be A Spiritual Experience

The pastel drawing above is of my very special companion, Sasha. She is a Diva and will accept nothing less as a description. Some dogs make unforgettable companions, but Sasha is more than a mere companion. She is always a few feet away from me, whether I am drawing or sharing a cookie with her at the neighborhood picnic. Although she is absolutely gorgeous and sometimes stubborn, she will melt even the coldest shrew with her smile. I took the reference picture for this piece in the bedroom of our house, underneath a sunlit window. She looked up at me with such innocence. It was an unforgettable moment and I am so thankful that I had my camera in my hands at that moment. This piece seems very spiritual to me. I think it definitely shows the innocence of the animals in our lives... Or a spotlight on an animated diva. What do you think?