Friday, November 03, 2006

Holiday Portraits!!!

One of my latest projects involves promotion. I dream of a day that I can relax and draw all day with commissions sending themselves to me. I could enjoy a cold drink by the pool, be rich and famous, and life would be so simple.... Ah....

Unfortunately, I live in reality, where commissions come around holidays, birthdays, or after mailings. I sometimes worry about sending mailings to businesses and my friends, because I am soliciting. Sort of. But... I have to eat, buy shoes, and survive. So, the friends will be bombarded every so often with flyers and updates. Ha!

The flyer above was designed with the holidays in mind. I know that a Golden Illustrations portrait makes an awesome gift. I give them to friends and family every year. They never disappoint. The holiday gift commissions that have come through have been extremely positive experiences. Like a whining child, I want more!!! I love to make people happy and pictures of family and pets touch a person's heart in a way that a video or photo cannot. If you are interested in commissioning a portrait, please contact me. We can work out a nice deal for the holidays... And your relatives and friends will love you even more!