Friday, October 27, 2006

I'm in the Black & Orange Contest!!!

Lately, I've been filling my days with a lot of marketing and promotional research. This may sound boring to all of the non-illustrators out there, but it is a huge part of getting published and gaining exposure. I've had my website up for a few years now, but no one will know about it, unless I promote it.

In addition to blogging, I have found a few communities that are worth participating in to get the creative juices flowing. I signed up for Illustration Fridays and just entered the Black & Orange contest. The Black and Orange contest is an online competition for illustrators, held by an illustrator (Penelope Dullaghan). Entries need to be black and orange in color and are posted on the competition website.

You can now see my submission in the gallery section here:

And my name is on the list of participants here:

It's very cool to see my work next to the work of other illustrators on the web. I feel so excited & energized now that I am moving my career forward and putting my name out there! Yeay!!!