Monday, December 04, 2006

V is For Vacation

Just wanted to let everyone know that I am back from Florida in one piece. Golden Illustrations is officially open for business after closing while I was enjoying the Florida sun. I haven't posted in ages. Things have been ridiculously busy.

You may have noticed that there are not many new pieces on my website or new postings. This is because I am tackling a long list of Christmas orders, which are not for view until after the holidays. I protect my clients and want holiday gifts to be a surprise for the recipients.

This is a very exciting time. Business is picking up and I am very greatful. I amazed at how my work is developed in a year's time. When I first launched my business, I only offered black and white dog portraits. Now, my business has grown to include sepia and color portraits of people, cats, wildlife, and dogs. It's unreal how things have evolved.

Well, I better return to my current project. Happy holidays to all!!!