Tuesday, January 23, 2007


There comes a time where an artist ponders whether to do a promotional self-portrait. A self-portrait shows who you are, in your style. During a recent slow-period, I thought that the time had arrived to attempt a self-portrait.

My last self-portrait attempt occurred in college, in the Syracuse University illustration program. We were to complete a self-portrait in black and white. I drew myself in pen and ink. I was holding a flashlight up to my face in a creepy way. I wanted to play with light and illuminate my face from below. I thought that my piece rocked. In critique, one professor told me that my fingers looked like male appendages. Only, he didn't say "male appendages". He was much more frank.

So... Scarred from my previous attempt, I move forward. Again, I wanted to play with light and reflection. Except, this time I wanted to use bright colors. And I made sure to hide my hands. Didn't want them to resemble "male appendages".