Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Houdini Reclines

The dog above is named Shadow, but also affectionately called "Houdini". This mysterious nickname was earned from his ability to slink through or jump over many gates, fences, and barriers. He'll leave you scratching your head, wondering how he managed to escape a fence that is both padlocked and high in height. It's part of the mystery of the magical "Houdini".

In all seriousness, Shadow was drawn in pastels on smooth white vellum. He is 11 x 14" landscape. The reference picture was taken during my trip to NH. Shadow belongs to my parents and was mischievously lounging on the couch. I snapped a picture of him quickly before he tried to escape from my camera lens. He would turn his head in irritation as I focused in on his face. Poor guy. He was just trying to nap and there's an annoying object following his head.