Friday, February 22, 2008

When Are You Coming Home?

It's been ages since I've posted a new drawing on my blog. My art supplies had been sitting in boxes for about a month or so, making drawing impossible. Regardless, I have unpacked most of my studio and already finished a new piece! Voila!

I thought it would be fun to name this piece, "When Are You Coming Home?", since the kitty looks like it's anxiously awaiting it's owner from behind a window. The reference photo was taken on one of my trips to NH, before we moved here. I happened to catch this cat in a window, thinking it was perfectly unique for a portrait.

The drawing is 11 x 14" landscape and drawn in charcoal on smooth, white vellum paper.

P.S. You may have noticed that the title of the blog and description have changed. This is the beginning of some layout changes. I wanted to update the blog to reflect my new surroundings. My website will also have a new look and updates soon!

: )