Thursday, May 15, 2008

Waiting For The Rain

The piece above is part of a series of pastels that I am working on for Fireside Gardens. The gardens are owned by my friend, Nancy, and I sell my artistic wares in her gift shop. I thought it would be a neat idea to start a series of animal portraits set in Nancy's gardens. The location is so colorful and lively. I couldn't think of a better background for my work.

Last week, I visited the gardens and snapped several pictures. I also took several pictures of Nancy's schnauzers, Whitney and Ida. For fun, I super-imposed one of the girls on a work bench area of Nancy's garden on my computer and printed out the reference. Then, I drew the scene in pastels. The piece above is the result!

I plan on creating more Fireside drawings in the near future. The pastels will feature Nancy's dogs, as well as a few cats, relaxing around her gardens. If you are in New England, I recommend making a trip to visit Nancy's gardens and gift shop. It is the perfect place to find just the right plants, flowers, and country gifts.