Thursday, June 05, 2008

Dziadzio's Friends

Here is my latest commission, a special landscape/wildlife portrait called "Dziadzio's Friends". The commission was for a Maine landscape scene, so I chose a section of the Nubble Light lighthouse site in Maine. This particular spot is very special to me, as I used to travel here with my family when I was little.

My grandfather was especially fond of Maine and Nubble Light. I can remember feeding the gulls french fries with him. He thought that seagulls were magnificent and I am reminded of him whenever I see them. This piece recreates a scene that I would've experienced with my grandfather when I was young.

The title comes from his nickname, Dziadzio, which is the Polish word for grandfather. Whenever we go to Maine and watch the gulls, we say, "There are Dziadzio's friends!"

The portrait itself is drawn with Dziadzio's pastel set that he used while he was alive. It's drawn on sabretooth pastel paper to create texture and is 8x10" in size.