Thursday, July 16, 2009

Chesterfield Library Exhibit

On July 20th, I am hanging a new art exhibit at the Chesterfield Library in Chesterfield, NH. I've named the exhibit, "It's Raining Cats, Dogs, and Frogs". This seems appropriate, considering the wet weather that we have been tolerating lately. I would much rather experience a shower of dogs than rain any day!

The exhibit will feature my charcoal and pastel drawings of cats, dogs, frogs, and other critters. I hope that you can find time to view the exhibit and purchase a drawing or two... or more. Each drawing in the exhibit is available for sale and a price sheet is included at the library if you are interested in buying a piece (yes, yes you are!).

The address of the Chesterfield Library is:

524 Rt. 63,
Chesterfield, New Hampshire 03443