Monday, February 05, 2007

I'm In The Art Show At The Dog Show!

I just received a letter from the AKC's Art Show At The Dog Show and all four of my entries into the show were accepted. The Art Show At The Dog Show is the organization's national dog art competition. Each year, the show features the country's top dog artists. This is my first year entering and I am overjoyed that all of my entries were accepted! Now, I have to scramble to frame my work and ship it within the next week. Once hanging, all accepted works are judged in a number of categories for prizes. The Best In Show piece is purchased by the AKC and hung in the AKC's Museum of the Dog.

By the way, the piece above is not hanging in the show. It's my latest pastel drawing of my very special mixed breed dog, Sasha. She loves to gaze out the window, looking for my husband to return from work. This piece is documented proof of her daily window-gazing ritual. Once I finish typing, I will join her at the window. I can't wait to give my husband a hug in celebration!