Wednesday, February 21, 2007

Mirror, Mirror On The Wall

Here is my latest portrait... The kitty pictured above is Molly, a rather luxurious girl. She spends her days sprawled out in the sun or curled up on a pile of clothing. She always seeks out the warmest, softest places to lounge. I chose to work in deep, warm hues to show a sense of sophistication and warmth. This cat does not have a mean bone in her body so she is best portrayed in a warm, loving light. She actually will allow humans to rub her belly, like a dog. Now that is a mellow cat!


the heartful blogger said...

She is just beautiful, and beautifully drawn! She reminds me so much of my old cat Caesar, who was very affectionate and would often roll over for belly rubs too. He's gone now, and it was really lovely to see this picture which reminded me so much of him.

Norma said...

People should read this.