Monday, March 24, 2008


Here is my latest pastel drawing, "Suncatcher". I've been in the mood to draw wildlife lately. It's not a surprise, considering that I am surrounded by beautiful trees and nature in my studio. I'm tired of snow, though, and drawing summer animals helps me look forward to warmer weather.

The reference photos for this piece were taken at the Beaver Lake Nature Center in NY. There is a group of turtles that likes to sun themselves on a log on the "Bog Trail". On a sunny afternoon, I felt inspired to photograph these fellows. They were posed in such unique positions.

The drawing itself is 11x14" on smooth, white vellum. It is drawn with soft pastels. I've been using different brands of pastels lately, but most of the piece is completed using my grandfather's set of pastels.



Anonymous said...

I absolutely love how you captured the turtle-- very interesting position, as well! Keep going with the nature theme-- love it!