Tuesday, July 31, 2007

The Latest

Wow! It's been a whole week since my last post. Shame on me! In my own defense, I have had a ridiculously busy week.

First of all, I finished a collage commission. I cannot post the picture, because it is a gift. So... The client and recipient will remain anonymous for now. Actually, I probably won't post the collage, unless the client suggests a posting. It's a very personal piece.

I'm also working on a portrait of a dog. This commission is also a gift, so once again, the client and recipient will remain anonymous. With the client's approval, the finish will be posted, though.

I also will be beginning on another commission soon. I need to call the recipient to set up a photo shoot, which is an option for those of you looking for a portrait, but don't feel that you have the right reference photo. I will be taking my own reference photos for this piece, which is exciting.

I still have not heard from the Wildlife Art competition, but that is to be expected. The judging of entries is occurring now. Results will be mailed on August 4. So, I should know how my pieces were judged in the next few weeks! I am keeping my fingers crossed for a positive outcome.

Well, I cannot supply any cool art pictures for you, because all of my current projects are top-secret. However, I have provided visual stimulation above with an adorable photo of my golden retriever, Sunny. Golden retrievers somehow find the cutest napping positions. Sigh.