Wednesday, July 18, 2007

Updates Coming Soon! In The Meantime... News.

Sasha in PA. She is such a beacon of light : )

Lately, I think my golden retriever has one facial expression... tired. The poor guy is older and hasn't been doing so well health-wise, so I can't blame him at all.

I didn't want to neglect my blog, so I thought I would inform everyone that there will be updates on projects soon! Since the pet expo, I have been busy with upcoming projects and attempting to get my house into a semi-clean state. Between travel and vacation, my house looks like a filthy swamp. Rest assured, it is starting to look better.

I'm also working on a collage project. I haven't collaged in years but have always found it therapeutic. When I was in the SU Illustration program, most of my work was actually in collage. What happened? Why did I give up on collage? I'm not sure. I think I felt like I neglected my painting skills in school and wanted to fine-tune my drawing and painting abilities. I had a nagging obsession to draw photo-realistically. I channeled my obsession into my livelihood and can finally say that I am happy in my job. Yeay!

To get back on topic, a relative has asked me to help with a collage project and I jumped at the chance. I had begun scrap-booking over the past few weeks and was filling a photo album with collages of friends and animals who have meant a lot to me. This project is perfect for my obsessive collage hobby. I am seriously considering adding collage as a permanent portrait option. I work digitally and by hand. So... The reason why you haven't heard form me in a few days is because I have been gathering collaging materials. Most are buried in my attic.

I also am going to begin a portrait of a silver tabby. It's on my studio desk, I just need to start drawing. Once I finish the drawing, I will post an "On The Easel" picture to give a preview of the work to come. Gosh, it's been ages since I've posted new work. I really need to start working on new drawings.

There's more to come and I promise that I will post pictures! In the meantime, I have posted pics of my dogs in Pennsylvania. I was in Pennsylvania, visiting my in-laws last week.

: )