Monday, June 18, 2007

Finished Golden Retriever Pastel

I decided that I wasn't completely satisfied with the golden retriever portrait that I posted a few days ago. I felt like the proportions in the head were a bit off and that it needed more detail in the floor. I worked on the drawing this morning and finally feel as if it is completely finished. At least, for now....

In case you didn't catch the drawing specifics below... This piece is an 11x14" landscape. Sunny, the subject, is drawn in pastels on smooth, white vellum paper. I have re-named this piece "Post-Dinner Nap". The title isn't very snappy, but it's the most creative title that my tired mind could imagine in the morning. Perhaps, after lunch, my mind will come up with a more witty title. If you have any good ideas, leave me a comment!