Friday, June 22, 2007

Zoo Amnesia

If you were wandering in the wild and happened to catch sight of a lion, you would probably feel some fear. A lion's stare is intense. He is probably cranky, guarding his territory, and planning his next meal. Hopefully, you are not the main course.

During my zoo visit last week, I found myself in a rather uncomfortable staring contest with a lioness. I was watching her through my camera viewfinder and trying to find the correct angle. How surreal. I am feet away from a lioness. In the wild, my safety would be questioned. Yet, I smiled and began snapping away with my camera. It's amazing how safe a piece of glass will make you feel.

I often wonder if the lions have become accustomed to the company of humans. What are they thinking while being stared at by throngs of people behind glass? I wonder if they have always lived behind glass and assume that this is normal life. Perhaps, they were bred in zoos and assume that their life consists of heated rocks, pools, and the occasional enrichment ball. Perhaps they think the people are supposed to be there. The staring contest is harmless gazing from boredom. I am not lunch, I am just a strange animal behind a camera.

This would not be possible in the wild.

The happy couple is enjoying the spa-like benefits of heated rocks.

I'm being stared down as if I am offensive paparazzi.


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