Wednesday, June 06, 2007

Goodbye, Mr. Mouse : (

It's been 24 hours since my frightening encounter with the wounded mouse. Since the blog, I sealed the door to the guest bedroom and allowed the mouse to die peacefully without interruption from my prey-driven dog and lazy cat. The cat meowed to be let into the room, but I think it was mainly to bat the mouse around like a toy.

This morning, I figured enough time had passed to allow the mouse a peaceful recovery or death. I opened the door, hoping that the mouse was alive and had disappeared into the walls. Unfortunately, it was on the dogbed and appeared to be dead. I was terrified to even look at the poor creature.

One might say, "Come on! It's just a mouse!" Well, my heart goes out to all animals, even snakes. I severely dislike snakes. If there was a dead snake, I would mourn the poor critter. Thank goodness, that this was a mouse and not a snake.

I squirmed for a few minutes and then swallowed my discomfort. I'm an adult and a strong woman. I can handle this. Quickly, I placed the mouse into a paper bag. Don't worry, I used a broom and dustpan. I didn't want to catch any weird bacterial diseases. You never know with wildlife.

Mr. Mouse received a dignified burial in the bushes of my yard. He is with nature. My guest room is now usable. I will thoroughly clean it and life will go on.